Kimberly McGeorge

Dr Kimberly McGeorge

Dr Kimberly McGeorge ND, CNH discovered at an early age that she had strong empathic and intuitive abilities. Dr. Kimberly has the ability to bring you into infinite vibration of potential and possibility… she creates the health, abundance, relationships and peace you have been searching for instantly! Using her empathic and highly developed intuitive skills, and her own unique channeled process known as Transformational Energy Balancing (TEB ) Dr. Kimberly can read your frequency and then adjust it to match the frequency of everything you desire to bring into your world. She will teach you how to live in Bliss, Joy, Peace, Gratitude, and Hope.


What is Conscious Parenting?

and why is it so important for the future of our children?
Have you ever wondered why children today seem “different” than children in the past? Do you often feel like you speak a different language than your children? Do you wonder why you just can’t seem to connect and communicate with your child? You could be parenting a Conscious child.
Experience a Live 90 minute Q&A Class
on Parenting Conscious Children
~ May 25, 2013 at 1:00pm EST ~
Join Dr. Kimberly to learn:
  • Who conscious children really are
  • What the characteristics are of a conscious child
  • How to detect a conscious child
  • How to nurture their innate being
  • Is parenting a conscious child different?
  • How to develop their special gifts and abilities


kimberlyproductimageBe prepared for a high energy, transformational 90 minute experience with Dr. Kimberly. Just by being on the call or listening to the recording, high vibrational frequencies from Dr. Kimberly could transform your life!

You will also be given tools, tips, and tricks Dr. Kimberly uses in Conscious Parenting. Call in and ask Dr. Kimberly your most important parenting questions. The seminar will be recorded especially for you!


Regular Price $450

Special Price $57



“Kimberly does more than channel…she has the ability to connect you dimensionally in a way I have never seen. The frequency she channels and remote viewing ability is unparalleled.”
- Andrew Morton

“Thank you, thank you from our group of devoted listeners here in Mexico….everyone is thrilled that you introduced Kimberly to us….we’re already charged!! best Aloha,”
- Marti

“Just wanted to say everything looks and feels brighter now and i’m smiling again so i wanted to thank you !!! Thank you for your insights Dr. Kimberly. PS you’re making me laugh!”
- Gina Jackson

“AMAZING CALL !!!!!!!!!THANK YOU DR.KIMBERLY I am sure my day is going to be chock full of magic and miracles. Love,”
- Bhagya

“Dr Kimberly is the #1 person who can make my headaches vanish. Boo Advil”
- Cara M

“Dr. Kimberly’s energy healing was the most amazing experience in my life—I felt peaceful, revitalized and refreshed. She is also one of the kindest people I know.”
- Charlotte Blackwell

“Dr. Kimberly is a talented energy healer. She incorporates the highest vibrations into all aspects of her work. She is truly a gift of light.”
- Brianna Miracle

“Do you have any idea how much Dr. Kimberly McGeorge has changed my life? I was struggling in my business when I came to her for guidance in how to manifest wealth and abundance in my life. I was depressed, discouraged and hopeless. What I received was so much more. Dr. Kimberly was able to somehow erase years of negative programming surrounding my childhood and my 20 year marriage. My income has increased over 75%!”
- B. Baker

“For 37 yrs. I have just been going through the motions of living. I am now living an Amazing & Happy Wonderful Life! She Has Given Me Hope. Now I wake up in the mornings happy and ready for a new day and go to sleep happy and blessed.”
- Kelly P, Connecticut

“I feel amazing! Everything is flowing well and has been easy. Even when it’s not it’s much easier to move out of quickly. This month so far has been a nice gentle flowing energy. I have worked a few times only when I have wanted to and started exercising and eating less/better without all the “feelings” attached to all of it. I do it because it’s fun and easy (and makes me happy :) ) My daughter and I are getting along much better and my son has been healthier. I really see how it’s all me and my story coloring how they interact with me.”
- Megan

“I AM SO HAPPY!!!” …I laugh and giggle like when I was a little girl before I fell into hiding. It feels so good to feel that way again. I feel lighter and brighter and in love with Life more than ever. I Am more in Love with me too. I so enjoy observing me go through the day with new awareness of everything. I Am at Peace within more than ever.”
– Cyndi H.